created by Arturo Brachetti and Serge Denoncourt
Text by Arthur Kopit mother’s voice by Sandra Mondaini
Music by Simon Carpentier , Dazmo and Larsen Lupin
Scenes by Guillome Lord
Costumes by Francois Barbeau
Lights by Alain Lortie
Costume master Massimo Sarzi Amadè
Coreography by Kevin Moore
Assistant director Geneviève Lagacé
Accessories Normand Blais
Special FX Michele Guaschino, Franck Ambrico, Frank Cadillac and Twins Effects
Video by Eric Villeneuve
Special thanks to Associazione Fellini

English adaptation of the show “Man of a 1000 faces”, it was performed at the Garrick Theatre in London from 19 October 2009 to 3 January 2010. It was nominated in the category “Best Entertainment” for the 2010 Laurence Olivier Awards, the most prestigious London theater award.
Arturo Brachetti is the only Italian artist to have been well received 2 nominations (the first in 1983 with “Y” in the category “Best New Comedy”) to one that is internationally regarded as the highest honor of the English theater.